Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge

The goal of Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge is to prevent bullying, violence and juvenile delinquency through classroom discussion and student writing. Students feel valued because their thoughts, analysis and solutions are solicited...they are given a voice.

How has violence affected my life?
What are the causes of youth violence?
What can I do about youth violence?


Find the help you or your child needs when it comes to bullying or peer pressure. You can also download the Internet Social Media Parent/Student User Agreement for Responsible Digital Citizenship.


The Teacher Packet (in pdf form) contains all of the instructions and forms necessary to involve your students in the Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge. Select your city to download.


An anti-violence & academic program targeted at middle school students. It provides opportunities to think profoundly about the issues surrounding violence and enables them to express themselves.


What Our Students Say

"I learned that it was okay to express myself and embrace my past experiences with violence in order to improve my future...I deeply support your organization and what it represents: a stand against violence in all forms."