Damir Ljuboja Harvard Medical School
July 22, 2014

Dear Do the Write Thing,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for everything you have done for me. I was a national finalist in 2005 and was able to express my experiences in the Yugoslav war because of the platform you provided me. After that incredible experience, I went on to graduate high school as valedictorian and matriculated at the University of Texas at Austin with the intention of becoming a doctor. I graduated from college this May with degrees in Biology and Humanities in the top 1% of students and in three weeks I will begin the MD program at Harvard Medical School.

My success in achieving this dream is a product of the opportunities I have been afforded. The one that stands out the most in my initial development is the Do the Write Thing Challenge. The trips to Austin and Washington, D.C. left a deep impression on me that resonates to this day; I learned that it was okay to express myself and embrace my past experiences with violence in order to improve my future. To this day, I deeply support your organization and what it represents: a stand against violence in all forms.

Once again, I sincerely thank you.

Best Wishes,
Damir Ljuboja

Damir Ljuboja
M.D. Candidate | 2018
Harvard Medical School